Death, Taxes and Calories

Here we shall discuss a range of topics that shall allow you have a better understanding of why we should be a little bit more cautious of our food intake in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Don’t worry! It’s not that intimidating!

How many calories are we supposed to eat?
This depends on numerous factors. To give you an idea of how your calorie intake should be would depend on your activity level and metabolic rate. Those who are very active would require more calories than someone who is comparatively sedentary. It also depends if you are a man or a woman, your height, weight and age.

You can use this free daily calorie needs calculator to find out yours: The Daily Calorie Needs Calculator.

Let’s say your daily caloric needs are 2000 calories per day in order to achieve your weight loss health goals. To provide only an example; you could have each meal at 500 calories and that would leave two snacks at 250 calories each.


Ways to maintain and count your calorie intake?

  • Portion control! Read labels and figure out the serving size. Maintaining the serving size will allow you to easily control indulgence. What about chicken curries served with aloo bharta at dinner, which doesn’t come with a label? Don’t give up so easily! I just googled both, and so can you!
  • Tracking! You can count your calories in a little pocket-sized notebook. Or, if you find it more convenient, there are numerous apps that are available such as MyFitnessPal, for one. It may sound tedious to some people, to jot down your calories after every meal. However, imagine how great you’ll feel when you’re seeing progress and hitting your daily goals!
  • What kinds of calories are you are counting? Just counting calories isn’t enough. The macro nutrient count is also important. It wouldn’t be right to convince yourself that you’ve maintained your calories for the day by only having 2000 calories worth of delicious chocolate and call it a day. Have a balanced diet of protein, carbs and fats. Avoid foods high in sodium and sugar, but encourage the intake of foods with high fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron. Try to limit fats to 25 to 35 percent of your food intake.

These snippets will help you to

  • achieve a more balanced, healthy lifestyle
  • reduce your body fat
  • lead to healthy weight loss and a leaner, fitter you
  • and make you feel like the best version of yourself

You can do it!

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