I hear ya, with all the delicious fried foods of piyajus, pakoras and jilapis over a month’s time, it’s easy to get a little carried away…

Here are some small changes you can incorporate in your daily life


It’s pretty simple, all the jilapi and yummy fried iftar foods need some help to get out of your system. Focus meals around some vegetables such as spinach, lady-fingers and carrots to name a few. With a little consistency, you’re bound to feel lighter in no time!


It’s not all bad! Protein is something all health nuts go on and on about. You can indulge in these foods knowing that you will not go hungry and you’ll actually feel full throughout the day. Focus on meat, fish, eggs, dairy, whey protein and nuts. All versatile foods that you can cook in so many ways, fatty fish is also a great source of protein.



What’s that you ask? We all hear about it often, but what is it? It is unsaturated fats that have hydrogen pumped into them. Sadly, it includes all the yummy foods that we enjoy. So if you’re trying to lose some of that stubborn belly fat, avoid items like; cakes, cookies, biscuits, margarine, popcorn, doughnuts.


This shouldn’t be news, sugar is bad. High sugar intake not only makes you gain more abdominal weight, but it is also to blame for feeling tired through the day and is also the cause of many illnesses. Doesn’t go without saying, there’s sugar in everything! Try at least a 2 week period with no sugar. I’m sure last year’s Eid outfit will fit so much better!


I know…I know, we’re Bengali after all, and we love our rice. That being said doesn’t mean indulge in large amounts of it. Avoiding starchy carbohydrates is crucial to lose those extra tires. A good start would be to replace white rice with red rice. 



This may sound peculiar to some. Within probiotic type foods there is bacteria that will help to break down stubborn belly fat. These are healthy bacteria that can be found in foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut and other fermented items.

To conclude, all these tips are meant to act as a way of allowing you have a lifestyle change as opposed to restricting yourself to a strict diet.

Persistence is key!

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