20 minute meals: Vegetable Quiche-Gratin, Potato-Apple Salad


Tasaffy Hossain is always feeding us hungry girls whenever we have rehearsals at her house for it’s a SHE thing, (coming up in July what what!!), so I asked her to do a guest blog post for Cookups. This is her recipe for Vegetable Quiche-Gratin and Potato-Apple Salad


20 minute meals: Vegetable quiche-gratin, Potato-apple salad


I am what would be considered a simplistic cook. Cooking is a de-stresser for me, so I usually like to get into the kitchen and make something that would help me relax a little, with background music blazing on my computer, and sometimes a glass of wine helps too. I don’t like to cook elaborate, intricate food –but I like my meals somewhat healthy/balanced and definitely tasty.


This is how most of my cooking starts: an inventory of what I have in the fridge. And last Thursday, this is what came out: potatoes, carrots, some baby corn, a few button mushrooms, an apple, some tomatoes and a broccoli. Additionally, there was some beef in the freezer and some red wine left at the bottom of the bottle. So, I decided to make a slow cooked beef stew (without vegetables) mostly following the recipe at All Recipes. I have used it before, and it tastes great!



Now, for my vegetables, I decided to make one of my lazy favourites – a version of a quiche-gratin fusion. So, I also had to check if I had eggs,milk and cheese. I didn’t have cheese, but decided to go ahead without it anyway. Guess, it would have to be even healthier! 


I started off with throwing the potatoes and carrots into boiling water with a few pinches of salt. I find it easier to peel these after I have boiled them, but feel free to do what suits you best.


Next, off to chop up the rest of the veggies. I like them in medium bite size pieces, that way, they stick out off the “quiche-gratin”. Halfway through my chopping I decided that I should separate the carbs from the veg dish, so decided to put the potato aside. I also like to add something sweet to my savories, and decided to go with a potato-apple salad.


Once the boiling was done, I got to slice up carrots and laid them down to be the base of my gratin. Then layer the other vegetables on top of the carrot base. Spread them around, so they are more or less equally distributed all over. Also, I like to have the broccoli florets pointed up so the greens stick out of the dish.


Now, let’s beat the three eggs and about two cups of milk together with some salt and pepper to taste.


I throw on some dried oregano and parsley on the vegetables in the baking dish. Usually, this would be when I add on a layer of mozzarella or Dhaka paneer, but since I was out of cheese, I had to forgo it. Pour the egg mixture slowly over the layer of vegetables, aiming to fill at least up to half the height of the dish.


Put the dish in a slightly pre-heated oven, for about 20 min on high. Check to see if the egg mixture is cooked, and you’re done!


As for the potato and the apple, I diced them up and mixed them in a bowl with:

1 tb sp mayonnaise

2 tsp kasundi (local mustard sauce)

a few pinches of dried basil

salt to taste


The most time-consuming part of all this was the chopping pf vegetables, so I didn’t have to spend more than half an hour actually being in the kitchen. And the beef stew went great with the potato-apple salad.


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